The ProTime® Microcoagulation System for prothrombin time testing is designed to safely manage oral anticoagulant therapy. The ProTime System consists of the ProTime instrument, the reagent cuvette with built-in quality control, and the Tenderlett® Plus sample collection system. The test procedure is simple and performance is comparable to laboratory testing.
The program allows the patient to test, in the convenience of their own home, their own blood by taking a small, almost painless blood sample from their finger and, by using the ProTime Microcoagulation System, run their own test.

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For the new version of ProTime find the training on the international site - English

Most Important Features

  • Safety in blood collection
  • Safety in results
  • Easy to use device
  • Run a PT test in minutes
  • Human Recombinant Thromboplastin (ISI = 1.0)
  • Advanced Technology

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