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Good service simplifies your laboratory's operations. A service technician who can rapidly and accurately diagnose and repair an instrument increases system uptime and contributes to optimum laboratory efficiency.

Werfen is recognized worldwide for providing service support when you need it, by phone. You can also expect prompt access to replacement parts and field technicians who stand ready to provide hands-on assistance.

Our service agreements ranging from basic preventive maintenance to All-inclusive cover all Werfen instrument systems. Each agreement is structured to make it simple to achieve the best possible laboratory performance with instruments you can trust.

Contact Info: 

Flanders: 02 - 513 8818
Critical care: 02 - 502 1366
Hémostase: 02 - 502 3287
Auto-immunité: 02 - 502 7698
Urine: 02 - 513 8818

The Netherlands: 076 - 548 0106

Werfen Benelux

- Autoimmunity
- Hemostasis Diagnostics
- Critical Care Diagnostics
- Software Tools
- Urine Analysis
- Serology
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